Why buy organic beauty products…

Why buy organic beauty products…

The organic beauty story… beereading

“…The story has to be a good one”, buying organic beauty products has to be the way forward.

If you believe in the whole story of how the products are made, from the crops to the final consumer.  If the story is good from start to finish then ‘you’ the consumer feels good about using it.  It’s an ethical choice and it’s about raising awareness of the whole supply chain.   Products which are fairly traded and grown without harsh chemicals are not only kinder to the planet, but are kinder to the farmers who harvest the crops.

Take a moment to think about the difference of organically grown ingredients used in beauty creams you put on your skin.   Your skin absorbs what you put on it – what do you put on your skin everyday? Have read the label and researched the individual ingredients?

The idea behind organic beauty products was and is an ethical one.  The ingredients should be natural and grown organically, supporting the environment, fairly traded and kind to you and your family.   Whatever runs back down the drain is kind to the eco-system and all packaging can be recycled.   It’s full circle thinking! 

More and more people want to know where their food comes from.   When you go into a restaurant, do you ask where the food comes from?   You deserve to know what you are paying for and eating and the same applies to non-food.  Support a lifestyle which is socially conscious.

Supporting ethical business – that’s the full story.